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Qitai Precision Plastic & Hardware Manufacture(Dong Guan) Co., Ltd

Dongguan QiTai Precision Plastic Hardware Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004. Workshop area has been over 8,000 square meters and all personnel has been over 150 employees.

After continuous innovations and developments over a decade,we had become an integrated enterprise with...


Device Name:three - dimensional detector





Measurement Method:Contact-type

Quality is the life of an enterprise, it is a demon-

stration of the overall quality of an enterprise,and also an embodiment of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise.All customer-centric,stand in the customer and the final consumer's position to...


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  • 03Injection pr
  • 04Connectors



  • 01NC Department

    YASDA, ROKU-ROKU high precision machine
    1.Maximum revolution of spindle: 40000 RPM.(YASDA(YMC430)
    2.Maximum revolution of spindle:80000RPM.(YASDA(YM640)
    3.The machining accuracy:±0.001mm.
    4.Maximum revolution of spindle:60000RPM.(ROKU-ROKU)
    5.The machining accuracy:±0.002mm.

  • 02EDM Department

    Have AD30LS mirror electric discharge machine 4 sets.
    Have mirror electric discharge machine 16 sets.
    1.The machining accuracy:0.002-0.003mm
    2.Discharge surface roughness:Ra0.1-0.15mm
    3.Discharge Angle≤0.020mm
    4.Electrode material: brass,tungsten steel,graphite,chrome,red copper,etc.

  • 03WEDM Department

    1.The minimum diameter can reach 0.05mm.
    2.The machining accuracy:±0.002mm
    3.No matter Angle size, corner processing can assure absolute sharp Angle.
    4.The processing Angle can be achieved no matter how much.

  • 04Grinding Department

    We own 20 grinding machines (including automatic type)
    1.Plane machining accuracy:±0.001mm
    2.The spacing of the equipment itself:±0.002mm
    3.Surface roughness:Ra0.6-0.8,Sharp edge:R≤0.020mm
    5.The processing of segment difference,inclined plane,
    arc degree,taper and so on is within 0.003mm.

  • 05Molding Department

    FANUC injection molding machine is introduced from Japan.
    1.Tonnage:150T,100T ,50T.
    2.The largest tonnage:180T(Taiwan)
    3.Type: electric type and oil pressure electric type.

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  • EDM Depart

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Quality management is the foundation and core of enterprise work.The comprehensive control of quality needs to inject new management concept, which is to deepen the quality into the cost, delivery and other fields.Make strict and...


The quality management team is a unit within the company for the improvement of customer complaint investigation. Its main job is to propose the process optimization plan and improve the product quality according to the...

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Meltblown moldMachinable production size:600#、800#、920#、1200#、1600# [detailed]